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Welcome to our Wiki

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Recovering Women in STEM

Southern Polytechnic State University

Amelia E. Dunbar and Woodrow Kavanagh, Eds.



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Welcome to Our Wiki

As a research project for an SPSU composition course, student-scholars created a Wiki for educational use across disciplines in middle and high schools.  This collaborative, digital resource recovers forgotten women in STEM fields and provides an educational space for writing across the curriculum in secondary learning environments.  We envision this e-document as a resource for both teachers and students to engage in activities connected to women in STEM.  Please feel free to share this Wiki with others. 


Click a name below to view a wiki page created by Southern Polytechnic's Scholars

Ada Lovelace   Cecilia Helena Payne   Concepcion Campa Huergo   Emmy Noether   Hedy Lamarr  
Jane Goodall   Lise Meitner   Marie Curie   Marilyn Jorgenson Reece   Mary Anning  
Mary Walton   Mileva Maric   Rebecca Lee Crumpler   Rosalind Franklin   Ruth Benerito  
Vera Rubin   Wang Zhenyi        


Please Use This Wiki for Teaching and Learning!

Our SPSU Women in STEM writers created this Wiki for both teachers and students.  Please use it as an open source document to enhance your studies of women in STEM fields; then tell us how you used it and how we could make it better! To add your comments in the space below, please e-mail: jbohanno@spsu.edu.  We are happy to provide this open space to your entire course or group.


Questions About the Wiki?

For more information about this Wiki and to share feedback or instructional ideas, comment below or contact Dr. Jeanne Bohannon at: jbohanno@spsu.edu

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